Meet Zion™

Your All-in-One secure walleti on the blockchain

The 1st wallet protected by Trust Zone

When activating your Zion, a 12-word recovery phrase will be generated from the trusted execution environment (TEE). It is an isolated area that runs free from malware.

All-in-one Walletii

View your BTC, LTC, ETH and ERC-721* on Zion. Manage your crypto asset is simple!

*Only the support ERC-721 will be shown in the wallet.

Own Your Key with security

Keep your own key in the secure enclave. No login required. Zion won’t collect your personal data.

Social Key Recovery

Zion helps you break and encrypt your recovery phrase to your trusted contact. They can help you recover when in need.

Why is Zion more secure?

Zion utilizes a secure enclave that generates and keep your keys safe, even from the Android OS. The Zion trusted UI creates a safe environment for when you need to authorize a transaction with your crypto assets so that malware running on your phone’s OS cannot steal your information.

 i Exchange, Marketplace and Payment coming soon.

ii Full Zion app functionality only available on Exodus devices.