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Ways of getting content from your previous phone

Depending on the operating system in your old phone, choose the proper method of getting its content onto HTC EXODUS 1s.

From an Android phone

There are two ways you can do:

  • Use your Google Account to back up and restore data.

    Back up your old phone to your Google Account first. After you've finished setting up HTC EXODUS 1s for the first time, go to Settings and then tap Finish setup. Follow the onscreen instructions to transfer data from your previous phone, set up Google Assistant, and more.

  • Use the HTC Transfer Tool.

    On your old HTC or other Android phone, download the HTC Transfer Tool and use it to transfer your content to HTC EXODUS 1s. See Transferring content from an Android phone.

From an iPhone

Download and install the Google Drive app on your iPhone, and use it to back up iPhone content to your Google Account.

On HTC EXODUS 1s, go to Settings, and then tap System > Get content from another phone > iPhone to see the instructions. Or visit https://www.android.com/switch/.

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