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You can customize your Vault to meet your security and currency needs.
In Zion settings, you can:
  • Change your preferred currency. This currency will be used to calculate reference exchange rates and asset totals.
  • Manage bitcoin full node settings. To learn more about the full node, see Setting up a bitcoin full node on HTC EXODUS 1s for details. You must first set up a full node before you can use this feature.
  • Revoke wallet permissions for 3rd party apps, DApps, and services.
  • Change notification behavior.
  • Change your passcode. You can also change your passcode type from the same option.
  • Enable fingerprint unlock to launch Zion.
    Note: You need to set up the fingerprint scanner on your phone first.
  • Show your 12-word recovery phrase.
  • Reset Zion.
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