Motion Launch doesn't work. What should I do?

In Settings > Display & gestures, tap Motion Launch gestures or Advanced > Motion Launch gestures and make sure that you've selected the Motion Launch™ options that you want.

If Motion Launch options are already selected but your phone is not responding to your gestures, see the possible causes below.

  • There was no motion gesture before the finger gesture. Make sure to lift the phone first before doing the finger gesture.
  • Smart display needs to appear first. After lifting up your phone, wait for the Smart display to appear before you do the Motion Launch gesture.
  • Length of swiping was too short. Swipe a longer distance across your screen.
  • When swiping up to unlock the phone, you didn't swipe from the bottom half of the screen.
  • You may have covered the proximity sensor while holding the phone. Check the user guide or how-tos to see where this sensor is located on the phone.
  • You may be touching the phone too long after swiping. Release your finger when the phone vibrates.

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