Do's and don'ts with Edge Sense

To enjoy the many benefits of Edge Sense, here are a few things to keep in mind when you're using it:

  • For the short squeeze and squeeze and hold gestures, set different squeeze force levels to accurately trigger the right action or app.
  • Avoid using both your left and right hands when squeezing or double-tapping since your hands have different strength. Things may not work as you wish if you use them interchangeably.
  • Recalibrate the squeeze force level and double-tap sensitivity level when:
    • You want to change and use your other hand for these gestures.
    • You experience mistrigger of apps or actions.

    Follow the steps in Adjusting the squeeze force level and Edge Sense double-tap gesture to recalibrate.

  • Force exerted on the sides, front panel, or back panel of the phone may mistrigger Edge Sense. For instance, a squeeze gesture may be mistriggered when the phone is:
    • Mounted in a car kit
    • Inserted in a selfie stick
    • Pressed hard on the front or back panel by your hand or an object

    If this happens, turn off Edge Sense while it's not in use. See Turning Edge Sense on or off.

  • Squeeze gestures can work even when the screen is off, except when capturing screenshots or performing in-app action which need the screen to be on.
  • Use Google Play Music and third-party music apps that follow the Android music control standard. These are supported by Edge Sense.

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