Using picture-in-picture

Keep a small window of the video you're watching or a supported app onscreen while you do other things on the phone.
Important: Not all apps support picture-in-picture.
  1. Open a supported app, such as a video player or video call app, and start the video. Display the video in full screen.
  2. Press .

    The video continues to play in a small window at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  3. While viewing the video, you can do other things at the same time, such as use another app.
  4. Drag the small window to move it to another position.

    Double-tap the window to display the video in full screen again.

How do I check whether an app supports picture-in-picture?

The app info will show the picture-in-picture option if the app supports it.
  1. Press and hold the app icon, and then tap Information icon.
  2. On the App info screen, tap Advanced. Then check if there's the Picture-in-picture option. It is enabled by default.
    Tip: To turn this feature on or off, tap Picture-in-picture, and then tap the Allow picture-in-picture On/Off switch.
To check which apps support picture-in-picture, go to Settings, and then tap Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Picture-in-picture.

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