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Buying and selling cryptocurrency using an exchange

Exchanges are third-party platforms to buy and sell cryto assets. Exchanges can allow you to buy and sell crypto assets using fiat currency, as well as exchange one crypto asset for another.
  • Exchange availability may vary by region.
  • Not all exchanges support all types of transactions.
  • Exchanges are hosted by third parties and are subject to their own terms and conditions.
  1. In Zion, tap Exchange.
  2. Tap the type of transaction you want to perform.
  3. Tap the exchange you want to use.

    You can see available payment methods, delivery time, fees, and limits from each exchange.

  4. Choose payment amount, type, and currency types, then tap Review your order.
  5. Once you have confirmed your order information is correct, tap Continue to be redirected to the exchange to complete your transaction.

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