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Sending cryptocurrency or tokens

You can send cryptocurrency or tokens from any of the cryptocurrency or token types supported by Zion.
Important: To send cryptocurrency or tokens, you will need the recipient's public address.
  1. From the home screen in Zion, tap the cryptocurrency or token type you want to send.
  2. Tap Send.
  3. Swipe left or right to choose how to input the public address of the recipient:
    • Paste address
    • Scan QR code
    • Select saved image
    • Enter address
  4. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency or tokens you want to send.
    Tip: Tap the currency button next to the amount to see the current rate in your local currency. Keep in mind that the transaction will still be in cryptocurrency, and the local currency is for reference only.
  5. Tap Select a payment priority, then choose an option. Higher priorities will result in higher transaction fees.
  6. You can include an optional memo.
  7. Tap Review transaction to recheck your transaction details before sending.
    • Tap Edit to make changes to your transaction, or tap Cancel transaction to cancel.
    • Make sure your transaction details are correct. You cannot cancel a transaction after it has been sent.
  8. Once you're certain the transaction details are correct, enter your passcode and tap Send.

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