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Adding Home screen widgets

Widgets make at-a-glance important information and media content readily available.
  1. Press and hold an empty space on a widget panel.
  2. In the pop-menu, tap Add apps and widgets.
  3. Tap Drop down list > Widgets.
  4. Scroll through the widgets, or tap to search for a specific widget.
  5. Press and hold a widget, and then drag it to a widget panel you want to add it to.

Changing the widget settings

You can modify basic settings of some widgets.

  1. Press and hold a widget on your Home screen, and then drag it to .
  2. Customize the widget settings.

Resizing a widget

Some widgets can be resized after you've added them to your Home screen.
  1. Press and hold a widget on the Home screen, and then release your finger. If a border appears, that means the widget is resizable.
  2. Drag the sides of the border to enlarge or shrink the widget size.

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