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Using Zion with other apps

Zion can be used as a hardware-backed wallet for partner apps. This allows you to use the same addresses and keys as your Vault in the Zion app with supported apps like the Opera browser. Crypto transactions in these apps will share the same wallets as Zion, and compatible assets bought or sold through one app will be available in the other.
Important: Some apps can use Zion to create their own keys. These Zion-protected keys have their own passcodes and wallets separate from the Vault in the Zion app. For more information, see Creating a Zion-protected key in another app.
  1. Follow the instructions in your app to launch Zion.
  2. When prompted to Sign with Zion, select the check box and tap Confirm.
  3. Enter your passcode to confirm authorization. Your app will be able to access your public addresses, as well as request transaction signatures from Zion.
You'll be prompted for your passcode by the Trusted UI each time you sign a transaction with an app you've authorized. Zion will sign the transaction inside the Trusted Execution Environment without sharing your private keys with this or other apps.

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