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About bitcoin full nodes

A full node is responsible for validating transactions as part of the bitcoin network, as well as for relaying requests. It stores the full bitcoin blockchain, validates the details of hashes and transactions, and shares this information with the rest of the network.

Why would I want a full node?

There are several reasons you might want to run a full node.

Contribute to the security of the bitcoin network

Part of the security of bitcoin comes from the distributed ledger: shared copies of bitcoin transaction history make it much harder for any one user to change transaction histories and balances. Having many independent nodes constantly validating the entire history of the blockchain makes it very difficult to hijack.

Help maintain the independence of bitcoin

Independently operated nodes help offset the influence large entities—like mining pools or financial institutions—which could make changes to the bitcoin infrastructure without user input. Maintaining your own node gives you a voice and a way to contribute to the future of the bitcoin network.

Validate your own transactions

You can validate your own bitcoin transactions without relying exclusively on third parties or servers.

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