How does the USB Type-C connector differ from the micro USB connector on my old phone?

The main difference is that USB Type-C™ is reversible and you can insert the connector to the USB/charger port of the phone in any horizontal orientation and it will still work.

Am I required to use the provided USB Type-C cable or can I use a third-party cable?

HTC recommends that you use the USB cable that was provided with your phone for optimal performance and compatibility. While third-party cables should work, there may be variances in power output and this may cause performance degradation or other power-related issues. If you decide to buy a USB cable elsewhere, look for the USB-IF certified logo. Please visit http://www.usb.org/kcompliance/view to see if your USB cable received a USB-IF certification.

Can I use a micro USB to USB Type-C adapter so I can use my existing USB cables?

Similar to third-party USB cables, this is dependent on the built and quality of the adapter you use. These adapters will technically work, though you may see a loss in charging speed and may even cause damage to your device, cable, or charging source. HTC does not offer nor endorse any particular brand of USB adapter.

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