Android 9.0 update

The Android™ 9.0 update for HTC EXODUS 1‍ brings changes that make handling phone calls, battery usage, and app notifications more efficient. Here's an overview of some of its new features.

Incoming call pop-out

From taking up the entire screen, you can set incoming phone calls to show as a pop-out. It takes the pressure off to immediately accept or reject an incoming call, especially when you're busy using another app.
Showing incoming call pop-out notification.

For details, see Showing incoming call as a pop-up notification.

More control over battery-draining apps

Check which apps are draining your battery and enable background restriction in these apps. This prevents them from using the battery while running in the background. See Enabling background restriction in apps.

Manage notifications better

You have more control over your notifications. It's easier to stop those that you don't want to receive anymore. Just press and hold on a notification to see your options. When you're using apps such as Google Messages and Gmail, you can now reply to messages right from the Notifications panel.

More intuitive design

Enjoy a refreshed look for some of your favorite UI, such as the Quick Settings. The volume bar is also more accessible, and you can conveniently toggle between silent, vibrate, and normal modes from it. You'll get delighted as sutle design improvements make for a better overall experience.

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