Should I use the storage card as removable or internal storage?

Use your storage card as removable storage when you have content on the card, such as media or photos, that you don't want to lose. If you have a brand new storage card, choose whether to use it as removable storage or set it up as an extension of the internal storage.

Removable storage

Use a new storage card as removable storage to be able to access the card's contents on HTC EXODUS 1‍ or other Android devices.

Internal storage

Set up a new storage card as internal storage for more privacy and secure use. This encrypts and formats the storage card to work just like the internal storage.

This also expands the internal storage space since:
  • Captured screenshots, photos, media, and other files will be stored on the storage card.
  • Third-party apps that you installed and their data can be moved between the built-in storage and storage card.
Warning: After setting up the storage card as internal storage, the card can only be used on HTC EXODUS 1‍ where it has been formatted.

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