Edge Sense 2

Edge Sense on HTC EXODUS 1‍ has expanded with more gestures.

New features include the following:


Double-tap on either side for easy one-handed use. You get a smaller, adjustable screen that puts everything in thumb's reach. Or you can set double-tap as your Back key, set it to display a floating navigation bar, or assign it to another action that you want.


A simple hold can keep your screen the way you want it even when lying down. No more annoying and unnecessary screen rotations or dimming. It's the most useful feature you never knew you were missing

Squeeze to turn accessibility service on or off

Not only does squeeze help you get things done faster, it also helps people around the world use Accessibility TalkBack more easily.

See What is Edge Sense? for more details on what you can do with Edge Sense. Before you start using Edge Sense, see Do's and don'ts with Edge Sense for some important reminders.

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