Dual cameras

HTC EXODUS 1‍ has dual cameras at the front and back. Capture outstanding quality photos and videos.


With the main camera, enjoy unprecedented levels of details and clarity in just about any condition and even when your subject is on the move. There's also laser focus so you can focus accurately especially when the lights are down.


HTC EXODUS 1‍ features 2x optical zoom in Photo mode. Use up to 10x digital zoom when taking photos and 4x digital zoom when recording videos.

One-touch auto zoom lets you zoom in smoothly on the scene to create a dramatic and compelling effect for your videos.

For more details, see Zooming.


Capture awesome portraits with HTC EXODUS 1‍.
  • Bokeh mode – With dual cameras at the front and back, you can adjust the depth-of-field in your photographs just like a professional. Blur the background in real-time before you take the shot, or adjust it yourself after the photo is taken.
    Screen showing Bokeh mode
  • Stickers – Spice up your photos and videos by adding funny effects and playful AR stickers in real-time. See Adding stickers to your shots.
  • Beauty Mode – Before taking your photo selfie, use Beauty Mode to apply real-time touch-ups such as skin smoothening, facial slimming, and more. See Using Beauty Mode when taking photo selfies .
    Screen showing Beauty Mode options.
  • Instant selfie shots – Stand still, and the camera instantly captures your selfie. See Taking selfies automatically.

HDR Boost 2

Whether you're using the main or front camera, get smoother, crisper, and more detailed photos and videos with less noise when the lights are down or glaring with the improved HDR Boost 2. See Using HDR Boost.

Sonic Zoom

Sonic Zoom is an improved version of Acoustic Focus that was available in HTC U11. Sonic Zoom features Audio Boost, which amplifies all the voices and sounds to the max without zooming in the video. See Recording video with Sonic Zoom.

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