HTC EXODUS 1‍ has both optical zoom and digital zoom capabilities.
Note: Zooming is not available in some modes.
  • Optical zoom

    Tap the zoom knob to switch to 2.0x optical zoom. Tap it again to change back to 1.0x.

    Note: Optical zoom is available only in Photo mode. Tapping the zoom knob while in Video or other modes switches to 2.0x digital zoom.
  • Auto zoom

    To zoom steadily and automatically when recording video, do the following:

    1. Press and hold the knob, and do not release your finger.
    2. When you see "‍Auto zoom in/Auto zoom out"‍ displayed, swipe up to zoom in or swipe down to zoom out automatically when in portrait orientation.

      In landscape orientation, swipe left to zoom in or swipe right to zoom out automatically.

    3. Tap the knob to stop zooming.
    Note: This feature is available in Video and Slow motion modes only.
  • Manual zoom

    Here are different ways to zoom in or out manually:

    • To zoom continuously, do the following:

      In portrait orientation, drag the knob to the right to zoom in or to the left to zoom out. In landscape orientation, drag the knob up or down to zoom in or out. The farther you drag the knob on the zoom bar, the faster the zoom speed.

    • To set the magnification ratio, do the following:
      1. Press and hold the zoom knob, and then release your finger when the magnification ratio bar appears.
      2. In portrait orientation, slide left or right on the magnification ratio bar until you've set it to the zoom ratio that you want. In landscape orientation, slide up or down on the magnification ratio bar.
      3. Tap the zoom knob if you need to change back to 1.0x.
    • Slide two fingers apart to zoom in or together to zoom out.

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