Requesting and receiving payments

You can request payment via a QR code or text address.
  1. In Zion, tap Receive.
  2. Select the wallet to receive payment.
    • Different cryptocurrency and token types in Zion can have different public addresses. Make sure to choose the right one.
    • For bitcoin, choose either a segwit or legacy address. Segwit has lower transaction fees, but isn't supported by all wallets.
  3. To receive payment, do one of the following:
    • Tap Share QR Code and select an app to share it with.
    • Tap Copy as text to copy your public address to the clipboard for easy sharing in the app of your choice.
    • You can choose to enter a request amount. This does not guarantee or force the recipient of the request to pay that or any amount.
    • Some third-party wallets might not support request amounts in links or QR codes.
With your public address, the sender will be able to send you cryptocurrency or tokens.

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