Do's and don'ts with pressure-sensitive buttons

In addition to Edge Sense, which makes the phone sensitive to how you squeeze or hold it in your hand, HTC EXODUS 1‍ also uses pressure-sensitive buttons. Unlike conventional mechanical buttons, you'll feel vibration feedback when you press the POWER and VOLUME buttons.
  3. POWER

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using these buttons:

  • These buttons are sensitive to the amount of pressure your finger exerts on them.
  • Use the protective case that's included in the box with HTC EXODUS 1‍. It helps to maximize the experience when using this type of buttons. See Using the protective case.
  • Only one button can be active at a time. Do not press multiple buttons such as POWER and VOLUME UP or DOWN at the same time.

    Because of this, the way to capture screenshots and restart the phone will be different for HTC EXODUS 1‍. For details, see Ways to capture screenshots and Restarting HTC EXODUS 1‍ (Soft reset).

  • If there's no response after you've pressed a button, try pressing it repeatedly until you get the right pressure. Also, using your left-hand finger may apply a different pressure level compared to your right-hand finger, so you may need to try pressing the buttons a few times to get the right pressure.
    Note: If there's no response when you press on the buttons, it could also mean that there may not be enough battery power on the phone. Charge your phone for several minutes and try pressing the POWER button again.
  • Each button has its own sensor. If you misplaced your finger while pressing—such as accidentally touching somewhere between two buttons—the sensors may not know which button you're pressing.

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