Using Zion-protected keys with other apps

Some apps can use Zion to create their own keys. These Zion-protected keys have their own passcodes and wallets separate from the Zion app. Their use and recovery must be done from the partner app, not from the Zion app.

Creating a Zion-protected key in another app

  1. Open the other app and add a new wallet. For the exact steps, consult your partner app's documentation.
  2. Once in the Trusted UI, enter a passcode. Type it a second time to confirm.
    Note: This passcode is independent of the passcode used for the Zion app. If you choose a different passcode, make sure to use the correct passcode for each app.
  3. Tap Generate recovery phrase.
  4. Write down your 12 words in order, and then tap I've written them down.
    Screen showing 12-word recovery phrase
  5. Enter the 12-word recovery phrase into the phone to confirm that you've written it down correctly.
  6. Keep your card or paper in a safe place. Do not share it or carry it with you, as someone with your recovery phrase could access your crypto assets.
    Warning: If your phone is lost, stolen, or reset, you'll need your 12-word recovery phrase to recover your cryptocurrency and collectibles. If you lose your phrase, your crypto assets may be lost.
Zion-protected keys do not support Social Key Recovery, so make sure to keep your 12-word recovery phrase in a safe place.

Recovering Zion-protected keys in other apps

You can recover Zion-protected keys in other apps using the 12-word recovery phrase.
  1. Choose the restore option in your app.
  2. Type the 12-word recovery phrase in order into the Trusted UI.
  3. Enter a passcode. Type it a second time to confirm.
Your app is ready to use.

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